Student Engagement & Alumni

Student Engagement & Alumni

An important part of our interdisciplinary approach is also educating the next generation of leaders. More than 250 students have made meaningful contributions to BBI, and have gained invaluable experience along the way. BBI offers internship and research assistant opportunities at its Syracuse and Washington, D.C. offices.

BBI Research Assistants & Interns
Independent Study
BBI Disability Policy Leadership Program in Washington, D.C.

BBI Research Assistants & Interns: 2005 through 2016

BBI supports SU students by providing opportunities for employment through Research Assistantships and Interships. BBI employs a team of second and third year law students during the general academic year. These Law Research Assistants (Law RAs) work closely with BBI’s legal research team in examining the latest developments in disability law and policy, and extensively writing on these developments for a variety of BBI projects and target audiences. The RAs also work with diverse BBI social scientists to gather relevant research that informs grant proposals and deliverables. Law RAs receive regular guidance for improving their legal research and writing skills, and have gone on to work in private practice, public interest law, and law and policy research. During the summer, BBI typically employs two or three Law RAs for more time intense work weeks. In ten years, BBI has provided over 200 internships and assitantships. Many of these students have worked for BBI for numerous years.

  • Addom, Benjamin Kwasi, (iSchool, PhD 2010- ICT4D Programme Coordinater at The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in The Netherlands
  • Akinpelu, Omolara Funmilola, (Post-Doctoral Fellow)- CORE Habilitation Program Coordinator at ARISE Child and Family Service, Syracuse, NY
  • Aksu, Sara A., (Law, Class of 2016) – Law Clerk at Meth Law Offices, PC in Chester, NY
  • Albert, Jeffrey (Law, Class of 2015), Onondaga County Office of the District Attorney, Syracuse, NY
  • Ali, Ali Nur, (Undergraduate Student)
  • Allers, Elizabeth (Law, Class of 2015), Legal Intern at Gouldin Law Office, Oneonta, NY
  • Ameri, Mason, (Rutgers University, PHD Candidate, Class of 2017)
  • Arifaj, Syzane, (Law, Class of 2009) –Criminal Lawyer at Law Office of Syzane Arifaj, Easton, PA
  • Armstrong, Joanna, (Fayetteville-Manlius High School, Fashion Institute of Technology, Class of 2016)- Inside Sales Representative at Armstrong Mold Corp
  • Arterian, Cordelia, (Undergraduate Student, Class of 2011)
  • Avramova, Sofiya Yurievna, (Graduate Student, Maxwell School Class of 2009) International Monetary Fund
  • Baker, Angel, (College of Law, Class of 2014) – Project Attorney at Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse, NY
  • Baldini, Alessandra, (College of Law, Class of 2014)- Assistant County Counsel of Middlesex County, Middlesex County, NJ
  • Barodia, Mansi, (Graduate Student in iSchool, Class of 2012) Cerner Corporation, Software Engineer
  • Barron, Danyelle (Law, Class of 2015)- Attorney, Lansing, NY.
  • Barrow, Kalia (Class of 2015)
  • Battoe, Kathleen- Research Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Beatty, Erin, (Law, Class of 2007) – Associate, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP, Morgantown, WV.
  • Beers, Ashlee- Office Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Rogers-Bell, Natalie, (St. Lawrence University, Class of 2012)- Studying Nursing at University of Pittsburgh, 2016
  • Beltz, Christian- Research Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Benetti, Jason, (Law, Class of 2011, Wake Forest University) – Radio host/play-by-play at ESPN, Fox TV, Westwood One; Adjunct Professor at Newhouse School, Syracuse
  • Berger, Kelly, (Law & MA Education, Class of 2007) – Deputy County Attorney at the Onondaga County Law Department, Syracuse, NY.
  • Bernasconi, Amanda, (Education, Class of 2009;  MPA, Northeastern University Class of 2013) – Associate Director, Upward Bound Program, Suffolk University, Boston, MA; President of Massachusetts Education Opportunity Association
  • Betances, Stephany, (Graduated Syracuse Psychology BA Class of 2011) – Office Manager at Success Academy Charter Schools, Syracuse, NY; Business Operations Manager at Success Academy Charter Schools
  • Bilodeau, Kelsey, (Syracuse ’09, Brooklyn Law School Class of 2012) – Associate at Gottesman, Wolgel, Flynn, Weinber & Lee, P.C., NYC
  • Blatt, Bryan, (Newhouse, Class of 2010) – Camera Operator, Content.23 Media webseries, LA, CA; Competition Segment Producer at Our House Productions in LA, CA
  • Borowve, Rebekah, (Undergraduate Student, Class of 2014)- Preservation Assistant, Syracuse University
  • Borrelle, Robert, (College of Law and Education Med, Class of 2013)- Staff Attorney at Disability Rights California, LA, CA
  • Boyd, John (Syracuse Law, 2016)- Student Attorney at Community Development Law Clinic, Syracuse University College; Associate Trainee at Bond, Schoeneck &King PLLC
  • Brocious, Cory- Office Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Bubb, Rachel, (Law Class of 2008, Iowa College of Law).
  • Bunch, Kelly, Research Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University; Staff Attorney at LAF, Chicago, IL
  • Butler, Daniel, (College of Law, Class of 2014)- Contractor at the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of NY; Associate Attorney at Tarshis & Hammerman, LLP in Astoria, NY
  • Carelli, Darlene, (Undergraduate Student, Class of 2012; Maxwell School Masters, 2016) – International Administrative Specialist at Syracuse University
  • Carlson, Eric, (Maxwell & Law, Class of 2016)- Student Attorney at Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, Syracuse, NY
  • Carter, Sarah, Marketing Coordinator at Jaindl Enterprises in PA
  • Castells, Shawna, (Law, Class of 2009) – Associate at Cooley, LLP, San Francisco, CA
  • Chanatry, Lauren, (Law, Class of 2009) – Associate, Coughlin Betke LLP, Boston, MA.
  • Chanodia, Puja, (Graduate Student, Link School of Engineering Class of 2010) Senior Consultant at NetSuite, Denver, CO Area
  • Conroy, Nicole (Syracuse MS Child and Family Services 2012; Syracuse PhD Philosophy 2015) – Project Manager, Project ETHICS; Sexual Assault Victim Advocate at Vera House, Inc.; Campus Safety and Sexual Assault Task Force at National Panhellenic Conference Inc. - Syracuse, NY
  • Corral, Rogelio, (Law. Class of 2015)- America's Funniest Home Videos Content Acquisition & Clearance Coordinator in LA, CA
  • Cosentino, Emily, (SU College of Law, Class of 2008) Practicing Law at Howd & Ludorf, LLC, NYC
  • Costanzo, Jason (Law, Class of 2015)- Anders, Riegel & Masington, LLC in Stroudsburg, PA
  • Coughlin, Jennifer Marie, (Undergraduate,Student)
  • Das, Bandan, (MS Computer Engineering, Class of 2008) – Software Engineer, Red Hat in Westford, MA
  • Davenport, Jeff, (Law & Maxwell MPA, Class of 2011). Assistant Counsel, US Navy
  • Dean, Theresa, (Undergraduate Student) Zenith Insurance Company; Research assistant at University of Hawaii Manoa
  • Delia, Melissa (Syracuse Masters, Management Information Systems and Services) – Information Security Management, Risk and Compliance at AXA; Research at BBI, Syracuse, NY Area
  • Derrick, Desire, (Maxwell MA, Class of 2011) – Graduate Assistant at Maxwell until 2011
  • Deseda-Coon, Carlota, (VPA, Museum Studies Graduate Program, Graduated 2003) – Assistant Director of Academic Services at Syracuse University, College of VPA
  • Dolak, Erica (Chemistry, Class of 2011, Villanova; MS Forensic Science Virginia Commonwealth University, Class of 2013) – QA Chemist at Agilent Technologies in Wilmington, Delaware
  • Dolak, Lindsay, (Newhouse, Class of 2014) – Editorial Assistant at InStyle, NYC
  • Donohue, Grace,(Undergraduate Student, Class of 2016)- Virtual Intern at One Love Foundation
  • Doty, Ariana, (Law, Class of 2016)- Law Clerk at DiMartino law Office, Oswego, NY
  • Doval, Christopher, (College of Law & iSchool, Class of 2010) Assistant Professor ofBusiness Administration, Morgan State University, Richmond, VA
  • Drootin, Rebecca, (Newhouse, Class of 2015) – Production Assistan for Freelance, NYC
  • Ebrahim, Roufeda, (Law, Class of 2009) – Attorney at National Labor Relations Board, LA, CA
  • Fabrizio, Jake, (Undergraduate Student, Class of 2016)- Research Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Farnolo, Nicholas, (Law, Class of 2007) – Attorney, Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, NYC
  • Faruq, Attallah (Undergraduate Student, Maxwell, Class of 2013)- Civil Affairs Specialist at United States Army Reserve
  • Willow Faulkner, Research Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Fecio, Michelle (Law, Class of 2014) – Federal Court Associate Attorney at Olinksy Law Group, Syracuse, NY
  • Feitel, Jesse, (SU ’13; Maxwell MPA ’16; Syracuse Law ’16) – Lead Articles Editor for Syracuse Law Review; Research Assistant to Professor Lauryn Gouldin
  • Finley, Lucas, (Law, Class of 2015) – Assistant District Attorney, Broome County NY
  • Fisher, Alise Marie, (Newhouse, Class of 2006) – Program Coordinator, Science Communications at American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Alexandria, VA
  • Flynn, Charlotte, (iSchool, PhD 2017) – “Investigating how documentation of data management and analysis during quantitative inquiry affects thinking & learning”
  • Fofanna, Makan, (Undergraduate Student, Maxwell Class of 2014) – Web & Application Developer
  • Forgard, Kevin, (iSchool Graduate Student, Class of 2010)- Instructional Design Consultant at University of Wisconsin Colleges Online
  • Frias, Janelle, (Law & MA Education, Class of 2009) – Attorney, Law Office of Janelle N. Frias, Syracuse, NY.
  • Furman, Jenna, (College of Law, Class of 2014) – Associate Attorney at Law Office of John Freeman, Troy, Michigan; Judicial Attorney in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Fujioka, Lauren, (Law, Class of 2011) – Contracts Manager & legal Counsel in Reston, VA
  • Furnish, Cordelia, (Fayetteville-Manlius High School, Class of 2005).
  • Galbraith, Kathryn, (Maxwell School, Class of 2011)
  • Gallivan, Tim, (American University BA, pre-Law).
  • Gao, Wei, (pursuing doctorate in Maxwell).
  • Gehm, Lacey (Law, Class of 2016) – Student Attorney at Securities Arbitration & Consumer Law Clinic, SU Law; Law Clerk at K&L Gates in Washington, D.C.
  • Davis, Jessalyn Garvey nee, (Law, Class of 2009) – Latham & Watkins, LLP, NYC.
  • Gianakis, Jerry (Law, Class of 2016)
  • Gilberti, Alyssa, – Director of Administration & Internal Marketing at ISI Energy Controls, Boston, MA.
  • Glauser, Stephen, (Undergraduate Student)
  • Goldfarb, Sara (Newhouse ’10, Syracuse Law ’14) – Staff Attorney, Criminal Appeals Program at Hiscock Legal Aid Society in Syracuse, NY
  • Callie Goodman, Sport Management, David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamic- Office Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Goodrich, Tesla (Syracuse Law Class of 2016)- Student Attorney at Syracuse Criminal Defense Clinic
  • Gottlieb, Aaron, (pursuing MA in Social Policy, Columbia University)
  • Grinberg, Kimberly- Research Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Gulamerian, Paul (Law, Class of 2016) – Student Attorney at Securities Arbitration and Consumer Law Clinic, Syracuse Law
  • Hacker, Michael, (Undergraduate Student, Class of 2014) – May 2017 JD Candidate Boston College Law School
  • Haile, Miriam, (MA iSchool, Class of 2008) – Channel Analyst at Entomo in Seattle, WA Area; Marketing & Communications Professional, Board Member at Tiny Trees Preschool in Seattle, WA
  • Hale, Trevor (Law, Class of 2015) – licensed to practice law in Indiana
  • Hall, Katelyn (Law, Class of 2016)- Research Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Hamad, Janan, (SU College of Law, Class of 2008) Practicing Law, Los Angeles CA
  • Hardy, Joanna, (Newhouse, Class of 2012) – Senior Account Executive at PPR Worldwide in NYC; Account Supervisor at PPR Worldwide in NYC
  • Hartmann, Breanna (Law, Class of 2015) – Associate Attorney at Henness & Haight, Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV
  • Herman, Rebecca, (Arts & Sciences, Class of 2011, Cornell University).
  • Herring, Stephanie, (Newhouse, Class of 2011) – Publicist at NBC Sports Group in NYC
  • Hill, Brandon, (College of Law, Class of 2012)
  • Hill, Joie (Undergraduate Class of 2010)
  • Hoang, Kevin, of Los Angeles, CA (Law, Class of 2009) – Associate Attorney at the Moore Law Group, Orange County, CA
  • Hodnik, Brittney (Law, Class of 2013)- Associate Attorney at Estate Planning Law Center, David J. Zumpano CPA/Esq. in New Hartford, NY
  • Hope, Ashleigh, (Law, Class of 2009) – Assistant Attorney General, Arizona Attorney General’s Office in Phoenix, AZ
  • Hopkins, Ashkeah (Undergraduate Class of 2016) – Information Security Analyst in Computer Forensics at Syracuse University; Sales Manager at the Limited
  • Huckleberry, Joseph (Law Class of 2016)
  • Hunt, Kenneth, (Law, Class of 2011; New York University School of Law LLM in Taxation, 2012) – Associate Attorney at Nixon Peabody, LLP in Rochester, NY Area
  • Jean-Paul, Gemayel (Undergraduate, 2005; Law, Class of 2008) – Manager at Deloitte Tax LLP in NYC Area
  • Juidiciani, Dan, (Undergraduate Student)- Division Director of Residential Services at Community, Work & Independence, Inc. (CWI), Glen Falls, NY
  • Jumanan, Danelle, (College of Architecture) - Innovation Grant Designing Floorspace 2007
  • Kalia, Vidhu, (Newhouse, Class of 2010) – Director of Strategy/ Research at AdAsia Communications, Inc. in NYC Area
  • Kaufman, Bert, (College of Law and Newhouse MS, Class of 2007) – Advisor at Revolution/Case Foundation/ Glassdoor, etc.; Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs at Zoox; Fmr. Senior Advisor, Office of the Secretary, U.S Dept. of Commerce
  • Khuon, Dalinda, (Law, Class of 2007) – Law Practice Professional, Syracuse, NY.
  • Kim, Sona, (Undergraduate Student, Whitman 2014) – Integrated Sales Planner at OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, NYC
  • Kim, Joonho, (Graduate Student, Whitman, Class of 2011) – Manager, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics in South Korea
  • Kirkpatrick, Dan – IT Consultant, System Administrator, Research Computing at Syracuse University
  • Kornbluh, Hayley, (University of Maryland)- Manager, Human Resources at CHANEL in NYC
  • Kurup, Dhanya, (MA iSchool, Class of 2007) – Corporate Information Security Manage at Scope Infotech, INc. in Baltimore, MD Area
  • Learned, Carl (Law, Class of 2015)
  • Leifer, Andrea, – (doctorate in Physical Therapy, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Class of 2013) – Physical Therapist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC Area
  • Lenoff, Dara, (College of Law, Class of 2011)
  • Leo, Mark, (CNY Works)
  • Leung, Harris, (Undergraduate Student ‘14) – Associate Professional: Business Process Reengineering Specialist at CSRA Inc. in Washington, DC
  • Lisson, Meghan, (Newhouse, Class of 2009) –Field Producer, Long Form Unit at CNBC in NYC
  • Long, Alexis, (Law, Class of 2007) –  Assistant Corporation Counsel, City of Chicago
  • Loring, Nicole, (Political Science, Class of 2011; MA Political Science from Northern Illinois University, 2014) – Completing PhD in Comparative Politics and Southeast Asian Studies at Norther Illinois University, Class of 2017; Political Science Undergraduate Advisor at Northern Illinois University
  • Lustig, Melanie, (Undergraduate ’13; MA Newhouse ‘14) – Assistant, Arts in Education & Community Programs at Alvin Alley American Dance Theater; Hebrew Teacher/Religious Instructor at in NYC; Middle School Assistant Teacher at The Churchill School and Center in NYC
  • Luther, Adam (Undergraduate ’16) – Sport Management, David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamic, Sales and Marketing Intern at Shamrock Sports and Entertainment;  Marketing Coordinator at Van Wagner Sports & Entertainment
  • Lynch, Juliette, (Newhouse, Class of 2009) – Freelance Visual Journalist at Juliette Lynch Production in Greater Boston Area
  • Malloy, Giovanni, (Undergraduate student at Purdue University, Class of 2017) – Research Assistant to Professor Mario Ventresca, Purdue University
  • (Malloy) Claxton, Gina, (BS Dietetics, Purdue University, pursuing MA in Public Health & Health Management, University of Colorado) – Program Manager at Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute- Community Health Engagement Program in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Mariscal, Marissa (Undergraduate, Class of 2017) – Student in Fashion Design- Office Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Moll, Eric (Law, Class of 2011) – Attorney, Office of General Counsel at US Department of Education, Washington, DC Metro Area
  • McGarry, Matthew (Law, Class of 2017)
  • McGlew, Shannon (Law, Class of 2017)
  • McQueen, Melissa, (Law, Class of 2013).
  • Mele, Dana, (Law, Class of 2012) – ABLT Project Attorney at BBI
  • Mejia, Angie, (Maxwell School, PhD Candidate, 2014) – Adjunct Professor at Portland State University in Oregon; Freelance Consultant
  • Messinger, Michael, (Law, Class of 2008) – Commercial Real Estate Agent & In-House Counsel at MedSouth Healthcare Properties, LLC in Charlotte, NC
  • Miller, Katherine (Law, Class of 2016)
  • Miller, Margaret Tovah, (Law & Education MEd, Class of 2012)
  • Montgomery, Chadd, (Law & Maxwell MA History, Class of 2011) - First Lieutenant- Field Artillery Office, United States Marine Corps- Reserve; Legislative Assistant for Congressman Michael R. Turner (OH-10) in Washington, DC
  • Montesdeoca, Eddie (Law, Class of 2017)
  • Morris, Delisa (Law, Class of 2016)- PSJD Fellow at National Association for Law Placement in Washington D.C.
  • Morris, Haley
  • Myers, Robert, III (MPA/ MA-IR Maxwell 2010, PhD Child and Family Studies 2015)- Executive Director of The Kelberman Center in Utica, NY
  • Nagaraj, Kiran, (iSchool, Class of 2007) – Director at KPMG in NYC
  • Natarajan, Sushmitha, (Engineering, Class of 2007) – Manager, Organizational Readiness for Apple, Inc. in Cupertino, CA
  • Nieminen, Christa
  • Noibi, Ariyo, (Whitman, Class of 2010) – Partner Management at PlaceIQ in NYC area
  • Nomani, Misbah, (Graduate Student, iSchool, Class of 2013) – Consultant, Technology Advisory Program in Financial Services at EY, NYC
  • Ostrowski Martin, Catherine (Law, Class of 2017)- Legal Intern at National Disability Rights Network; Research Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Paredes, Ambar (Undergraduate, Class of 2019)
  • Park, Andrew, (Undergraduate Student, ‘10) – Director of Client Services at The Doman Group in NYC
  • Passaris, Meredith, (Maxwell MPA, Class of 2012) Employed in Field of Studies
  • Patterson, Rachel, (Maxwell MPA, Class of 2011) – Director of Public Policy at Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation in Washington, DC
  • (Pavlick) Cope, Carly, (Newhouse, Class of 2010) – Senior Marketing Strategist at Accent Health in NYC
  • Peckerman, Paris, (Newhouse, Class of 2012) – Executive Assistant Discovery Communications in NYC
  • Perez, Daniel, (Graduate Student, Class of 2012) – NVTAC Coordinator at National Veterans Technical Assistance center
  • Pickard, Krystal, (College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2012)- Residential Security Aid at Syracuse University
  • Pooley, Hannah, (Undergraduate Student, LeMoyne College) Pursuing Molecular & Microbiology BS, University of Central Florida
  • (Poor) Kossick, Ashley, (Graduate Student, School of Education, Class of 2009)- Senior Instructional Designer at Fidelity Investments
  • Puri, Vicrum (MA-IR, The New School, 2007) – Founder at BrooklynWorks at 159
  • Ramsay, Matthew- (Moorehouse)- Atlanta, GA
  • Reeves, Amanda, (Law, Class of 2008) – Staff Attorney at AAMFT in Washington, DC
  • Ross, Philip (Law, Class of 2016) – Intern at New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in Syracuse; Attorney at Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone in Springfield, MA
  • Rubio, Selvino, (College of Architecture) – Designer at dcon, design plus construction in Los Angeles, CA
  • Ryan, Elliot, (College of Law, Class of 2012) – Associate Attorney at Byrne Dairy in LaFayette, New York
  • Sabuhi, Shazah, (Undergraduate Student) Pursuing Psychology BA
  • Saleh, Matthew, (College of Law & Education Med, Class of 2011) Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University
  • Samant, Deepti, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2006) – Consultant on Disability Inclusive Development at The World Bank in Washington, DC
  • Sanchez, Javiera- Research Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Sarr, Ya Bajen Aisha, (Maxwell School, Class of 2010; MA-IR at University of Sussex, 2011) – Editor in Chief at InGambia
  • Sawicki, Annette, (College of Law, Class of 2007)- Practicing Law, Brookline, MA
  • Sawyer, Brandon, (Law, Class of 2011) – Attorney at Goldberg Segalia in Syracuse; Attorney at Troy & Eaton, LLP in Syracuse
  • Schnader, Jonathan, (College of Law, Class of 2012) – Assistant Public Defender, Monroe County Public Defender’s Office in Rochester, NY
  • Schutrum, Jonathan (Law, Class of 2014) – Staff Attorney at Neighborhood Legal Service, Inc. in Buffalo/ Niagara, NY Area
  • Senlet, Ekin, (Law, Class of 2008) – Attorney at Barclay Damon, LLP in Albany
  • Sexton, Bruce (Law, Class of 2018)
  • Simmons, Christina, (Psychology & Spanish, Class of 2010) – pursuing School Psychology PhD at The University of Georgia; Graduate Research Assistant; Post-doctoral Research Associate at Munroe-Meyer Institute - Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Omaha, NE
  • Sinha, Somaditya, (Graduate Student, iSchool, Class of 2012) – Manager at PWC in NYC
  • Smith, Max, (Northwestern University, Class of 2014) - Research Assistant at the Reber Lab and Visual Perception, Neuroscience, and Cognition Lab in Evanston, IL
  • Sorosky, Michael, (Political Science & International Studies, Class of 2011, Elon University) – Suffolk Law School Student, Class of 2016; J.D. Candidate
  • Spector, Deborah Lynn, (MS Information Management iSchool) – Contract Ethnographer at SmartRevenue; Reference Librarian at Watertown Free Public Library in Greater Boston Area
  • Srinivas, Ajay Babu – BBI
  • (Stanley) Ngyuen, Rachel, (Law, Class of 2008) – Assistant Vice President Federal Government Relations at Principal Financial Group in DC
  • Taube, David, (Newhouse, Class of 2009) – Calkins Media Inc., Greater Pittsburgh Area
  • Taylor, Lester (Law)
  • Thakker, Rohan, (iSchool MS, Class of 2012). Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young in NYC
  • Thayer, James
  • Thimmaiah, Anjana, (Psychology, Class of 2008, MS in iSchool, 2011) – Consultant at Deloitte Consulting
  • Timpone, Samantha (Law, Class of 2015) – Financial Crimes Consultant at Wells Fargo in Charlotte, NC Area; In-House Counsel at Ensemble Health Partners  in Charlotte, NC
  • Trinh, Anh, (Law, Class of 2007) – Attorney, Santa Ana, CA.
  • Tumen, Joshua, (University of Delaware, Class of 2012; Syracuse Law) – Law Clerk at Mauro Lilling Naparty LLP; Associate Attorney at White and Williams, LLP in NYC
  • VandenDolder, Katelynn (Law, Class of 2016) – Law  Clerk Extern at Honorable Frederick Scullin Jr., US District Court
  • Vanderpool, Patrick, (College of Law) - Associate Counsel, Naval Air Systems Command
  • Vargas, Emily
  • Vargas, Fulvia (Law, Class of 2015) – Staff Attorney at Legal Services of Central NY
  • Auringer, Carrie Weaver nee (Law, Class of 2008) – Associate Attorney at Samuelsen, Gonzalez, Valenzuela & Brown in Newport Beach, CA.
  • Whelan, Emma ,(Senior, Jamesville-DeWitt High School).
  • Williams, Benjamin (Law, Class of 2016)
  • Willis, Geoffrey (Law, Class of 2015)
  • Wong, Emily- Research Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Wood, Elizabeth, (COHE School of Social Work, Class of 2011)- Therapist at Private Practice; School Social Worker at Syracuse School District
  • Woodward, Amanda, (Newhouse, Class of 2017) - Office Assistant at BBI, Syracuse University
  • Woodward, Stephanie, (College of Law & Education Med, Class of 2013)- Director of Advocacy at The Center for Disability Rights in Rochester, NY
  • Wolford, Rebecca, (Newhouse, Class of 2010) – Communications Specialist at SBC Executive Committee in Nashville, TN
  • Wolfson, Martin (Law, Class of 2016)- Intern/ Federal Public Defender in Northern District of New York
  • Wu, Page Yiyan, (Ph.D. Candidate, School of Education)
  • Xu, Jianping, (pursuing doctorate in Education).
  • Yaworksy, Renee, (Law, Class of 2012).
  • Zannoni, Amanda

Independent Study 2005-2011

  • DeFranco, Allison, (Law, Class of 2010) – Technical Assistance Coordinator at Disability Rights Fund, Inc. in Greater Boston Area; Research Associate at Harvard Law School Project on Disability
  • Cosentino, Emily, (Law, Class of 2008) – Associate at Howd & Ludorf, LLC, NYC.
  • Dimoh, Paul, (Law, Class of 2008) – Attorney at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP in Washington, DC
  • Hamad, Janan, (Law, Class of 2008). Practicing Law, Los Angeles CA
  • Jaworski, Myriah, (Law, Class of 2010) – Senior Associate at Phillips Lytle LLP and Co owner of Groom Service Beauty & Dry Bar in Buffalo
  • Kaufman, Myriah, (Law & Newhouse MA, Class of 2007) – Vice President at Portico Policy Advisors, Washington, DC.
  • King, Michael, (Law, Class of 2008).
  • (Klemack) Santos , Angela, (Law, Class of 2009) – Associate Attorney at Duane Morris LLP in Boca Raton/ Miami, FL
  • Moore, Jennifer, (pursuing Psychology BA).
  • Purcell, Emily, (Law & Maxwell MA, Class of 2009) –Appellate Attorney at Dept of Veteran Affairs in Washington, DC
  • Reid, Erin, (Newhouse, Class of 2006) – Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Salla, Matt, (Law, Class of 2011).

BBI Disability Policy Leadership Program in Washington, D.C.

The summer internship provides students, who are in their first or second year of law school, with a highly structured opportunity to learn first-hand about the public policy making process from a disability perspective and be engaged in research and writing on statutory and regulatory issues impacting persons with disabilities and their families.
Eighteen (18) students from twelve states have been awarded $5,000 stipends; $50,000 has been invested in program instructors over the course of the program.


  • Deepinder Goraya. of Diamond Bar, CA (Law, Class of 2012, University of Michigan), Admitted to CA Bar effective June 5, 2013


  • Christian, Peter, (Law, Class of 2011, University of Minnesota) – Attorney at Schaefer Halleen, LLC since May 2012, Minneapolis, MN
  • Nichols, Ben, of Saint Paul, MN (Law, Class of 2011, University of Minnesota) – Associate Attorney at Balestreri Potocki & Holmes since October 2011, San Diego, CA
  • Zhi, Jane, of Newbury Park, CA (Law, Class of 2011, University of Iowa) – Staff Attorney at New Mexico Legal Aid, Albuquerque, NM Area since June 2013


  • Chatters, Ronald III, of Los Angeles, CA (MPA Princeton University; Law, University of Maryland) – Criminal Justice Project Coordinator in Baltimore, MD as of January 2016
  • Gaughan, William W.  (Law, Class of 2010, Georgetown University) – Attorney Advisor at Social Security Administration, Washington, D.C. as of January 2011
  • Spigelman, Alexander, of Baltimore, MD (Law, Class of 2010, University of Maryland) – Admitted to practice in Maryland.


  • Beier, Jacob Leon, of Normal, IL (Law & Maxwell, Class of 2009) – Senior Defense Analyst, Government Accountability Office, Washington D.C  as of August 2009
  • Doval, Christopher, of Richmond, VA (Law & iSchool, Class of 2010) – Assistant Professor ofBusiness Administration, Morgan State University, Richmond, VA
  • Frias, Janelle, of San Antonio, TX (Law, Class of 2009) – Attorney, Law Office of Janelle N. Frias, Syracuse, NY.


  • Hoang, Kevin, of Los Angeles, CA (Law, Class of 2009) – Associate Attorney at the Moore Law Group, Orange County, CA
  • Klemack (Santos), Angela, of Columbus, OH (Law, Class of 2009) – Associate Attorney at Duane Morris, LLP, Boca Raton/ Miami, FL
  • Purcell, Emily, of Herndon, VA (Law & Maxwell, Class of 2009) –Appellate Attorney at Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC
  • Reeves, Amanda, of Arvada, CO (Law, Class of 2008) – Staff Attorney at The AAMFT, Washington, DC


  • Cosentino (Holland), Emily , of Wakefield, MA (Law, Class of 2008) – Associate at Howd & Ludorf, LLC, NYC.
  • Kaufman, Bert, of Baton Rouge, LA (Law & MS Newhouse, Class of 2007) –Advisor at Revolution/Case Foundation/ Glassdoor, etc.; Advisor and Counsel General at Press Pass Mentors; Palo Alto, CA
  • King, Michael, of Lincoln Park, NJ (Law, Class of 2007).
  • Sawicki, Annette, of Elma, NY (Law, Class of 2007) – Attorney, Brookline, MA.

Who was Burton Blatt?

Burton Blatt (1927-1985) was a pioneer in humanizing services for people with developmental disabilities

BBI Leadership Team

  • Photo of Peter Blanck

    Peter Blanck, Ph.D., J.D.

    University Professor, BBI Chairman
  • Photo of Michael Morris

    Michael Morris, J.D.

    Senior Adviser