Vote for BBI's Jason Harris for the Unicorn Children's Foundation Community Inclusion Awards

November 1, 2019

Jason HarrisJason Harris Program Coordinator at the Burton Blatt Institute has been nominated as Media Influencer and Community Choice Award from the Unicorn Children’s Foundation Community Inclusion Awards. Harris started Jason’s Connection an online platform and Facebook page that looks at disability as an identity and part of the fabric of humanity. The Facebook page reaches around 300,000. Vote for Jason in the Community Choice Award daily until November 15th

All Community Inclusion Awards nominees are eligible for a chance to receive the Community Choice Award. The community will select the winner of the Community Choice Award by voting online for their favorite person or organization.  Online voting will be open through Friday, November 15th. You can vote every day, once per day! (Resets after 12:00 noon. If you vote at 10am today, you can vote again tomorrow at noon).

Jason's Connection was founded in 2013 by Jason Harris, M.Ed. Cultural Foundations of Education and Certificate of Advanced Disability Studies from Syracuse University, Project Coordinator and Research Associate, focusing on supported-decision making, at Burton Blatt Institute (BBI). Jason’s Connection is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Ohio limited liability company that does business under the trade name Jason's Connection.  It is dedicated to connecting people to resources that serve diverse needs, enrich lives and help meet goals.

The  mission of Jason's Connection is to create an online community that connects people (and their family/caregivers) experiencing diverse challenges and unique needs, including disability, mental health, and aging to quality resources, information, supports and each other.

Unicorn Children's Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to children and young adults with developmental, communication, and learning disorders through education, awareness, and research so that they have every opportunity to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Unicorn Children’s Foundation was founded in 1994 by Mark Rosenbloom, MD. Unicorn Children's Foundation’s key initiatives include: promoting early identification of symptoms associated with ADHD, autism, bipolar, dyslexia and other learning disorders; developing and disseminating worldwide ground-breaking and extensive evaluation and treatment guidelines; fostering communication and collaboration between parents, professionals and policy makers to promote learning and increased awareness; and to provide adequate tools and resources to better meet the needs of our beneficiaries.

Vote for Jason in the Community Choice Award daily until November 15th

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